Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lethargic Points

I’ve been busy in life; but that is just an excuse. As I peruse through blogs, forums and articles, I am finding my fingers poised above the keyboard—ready to begin a response—and part of my brain says, “Meh. Why bother?”

So here are a few points I should be blogging on. Consider this their just desert.

- The Golden Compass Seriously? A Movie? From the people who regularly provide sex, murder, gore, violence, kidnapping, death, sarcastic biting humor, drugs, broken families, magic, terror, undead, superheroes, aliens, and sex we are content. But have an atheist write a book and have a movie produced on it? The nerve!

- “It is chiefly because of sex that most contemporary atheists have chosen to break with Christianity…When an atheist gives elaborate justifications for why God does not exist and why traditional morality is an illusion, he is very likely thinking of his sex organs.” D’Souza What’s so Great About Christianity” (269) What does a female atheist think of?

- Gideon Bibles are being replaced by condoms. I am unsure why we can’t have both.

- The holidays are great because we get to see our extended families. Curiously, these are also the busiest days of the year, giving us the least amount of time to spend with ‘em.

- Fracture is probably a movie you missed. If you like creepy Anthony Hopkins (Think Hannibal Lector) you would like this movie.


  1. I know it's not really funny, but I can't help it. Sometimes I'm desperate for humour. What does a female atheist think of? Well, sex, of course. Sorry, couldn't help myself.

    Honestly, as a Christian I was more preoccupied with sex because it seemed to be the only focus during multiple sermons. Continual foucus on homosexuality, porn, lust, masturbation, missionary positions, adultery, blah blah blah. Don't listen to that! Don't watch that! Don't watch that t.v.!

    Then of course, those marriage encounters to help spice up your sex-life, Christian style. Purity rings for the kids, promising virginity until marriage. The list goes on and on.

    Tell me, who is it that is addicted to the topic of sex organs?

    He might be right. Of course, leaving Christianity had nothing to do with sex, but, I do enjoy sex more then ever now. Ah to be a sinner! :-)

  2. You said sex twice. (Yes, I know, you like sex.)

  3. I hear ya, Dagoods. Living in the South, one has to pick one's battles carefully, as there are so many stupid ones on which one knows one's right but it just doesn't seem the effort because it's just too damn silly. Case in point: the boycott of Disney World by the Southern Baptist Convention 'cuz Disney started offering domestic partner benefits. In that case, the best thing to do was sit back and allow them to make fools of themselves.

    The Golden Compass is another great example. It sounds an awful lot like the Harry Potter movie crap, except in this case, it's not based on a popular children's book. I somehow don't see Marisa Coulter action figures becoming popular. I don't understand what the fuss is about, other than the author being an atheist and poking fun at the Catholic church. Was there this kind of an uproar when The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which was also based on a book written by an atheist who poked fun at organized religion? At least the Hitchhiker's series were good books/radio shows!

    I honestly don't give a damn about what Dinesh D'Souza says anymore. His last book told us how liberals are responsible for 9/11 because we anger Muslim radicals with our "permissiveness" (hip-hop and "Sex & The City"). Even Michelle Malkin objected. He wants to be the male Ann Coulter. Nuff said.

    I'm shocked that hotels don't charge for the Bibles as well. If you have to pay $2.95 per condom, shouldn't there be a "small fee" put on your bill for every Psalm? Aren't the religious right in a tiz about Mitt Romney having ties to Marriott Hotels, which puts movies like "Naughty Nurses IX" on the Spectravision? I remember a story from the late 90s about an outfit trying to put copies of The Communist Manifesto in hotel rooms. I don't think it caught on.

  4. -" Gideon Bibles are being replaced by condoms. I am unsure why we can’t have both."

    Yeah really. The way some use the Bible, it should be just as effective at preventing conception.

    "What does a female atheist think of?"

    That's a good question. As a Christian I was given to believe that it was the male who was sex crazed and women could take it or leave it.

  5. The Golden Compass is another great example. It sounds an awful lot like the Harry Potter movie crap, except in this case, it's not based on a popular children's book.

    Isn't it? Amazon, at least, lists the book under "Children's Books". :)

    We have it at home; I haven't started reading yet, but I'm looking forward to it (and hope to do that before I go see the movie).

  6. I dunno. I think the key term is "popular". I'd never heard of it, and my mom (who works in a bookstore) was only marginally familiar with the author. There may be an uptick in sales now that Harry Potter fans are in withdrawal and the religious right is having a hissy fit (always good for sales).

    I'm actually slightly offended as a huge Douglas Adams fan that they didn't get their knickers in a twist about H2G2. The movie was slightly disappointing (aren't they always), but the books and radio show were fall-on-your-arse funny, witty and scathing when it came to religion.

  7. I put sex twice to see if I could flush out atheists. Found one!

    I did read elsewhere some indignation the book was in the children’s section of Wal-Mart. Is there a reason it should not be in the kid’s section because of graphic violence, language or se--…er…”other” content? I figured (perhaps incorrectly) the person was put-out by the thought a novel written by an atheist with anti-religious undertones was inappropriate for children.

    Now a novel written by a theist with pro-religious tones (*cough, cough* Chronicles of Narnia) I am sure would be just fine for the children’s section. Curious double standard.

    flycandler, one of the interesting aspects of the article on Bibles was the fact Mormons were making an upscale hotel and were not necessarily committed to putting Bibles in them. Douglas Adams was before the current generation’s time. Although “42” is subtly used throughout movies as a nod to Adams.

  8. I put sex twice to see if I could flush out atheists.

    Heh. I thought you were trying to flush out Blazing Saddles fans. And if you're just now figuring out that I'm an atheist...