Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Happy Groundhog Day

I heard (from an unreliable source) the original concept of Groundhog Day included Bill Murray being stuck for thousands of years. Imagine waking up to ”I got you Babe” every day. For 2000 years!

If you could live the same day over and over for exactly 10 years—what would you do? Would you teach yourself piano? A language? Watch every movie available? Learn a trade? Or would you laze your way through it; biding your sentence until complete?

More importantly, where do you want to be 10 years from now? Do you want to learn something? Just survive? What are you doing to reach that goal?


  1. Actually, being autistic, it often seems like I live the same day over and over again. :-)

    As to the question of 10 years, I'm learning to take each day at a time. In 10 years, if I'm still around, I figure I'll be somewhere. Maybe here. Maybe there. Or maybe someplace altogether different.

  2. I really like that song "I Got You Babe", but if I had to wake up to it everyday for ten years I'd pray to go deaf!

    Ten years from now I'd like to satisfied that I've made the right decisions and not second-guessing myself so much. I'd like to know that I've evolved into a more compassionate, more giving person. And as old fashioned as it may sound, I'd like to be married and have a couple of children. I want to love and be loved and live a simple life.

  3. In 10 years, my kids will be well into their teens (yikes), so I hope I'll be a (reasonably)calm and connected parent to them who can handle raising teenage boys. I've recently taken on new work challenges, so I would like to be successful in those and open to new ones. I hope my marriage continues to deepen. I would like to be more than a novice at yoga and more practiced in piano. I would like to be wiser, more compassionate, more risk taking, more humble, more confident, and a better friend. And I hope I'm not writing the same old posts regarding a confused spiritual life! Will people still be blogging in 10 years? However, I hope I am still mindfully on a spiritual journey.

    What about you DagoodS?

  4. I would wake up every day imaging all the crazy things i could do, but I'd be afraid to do them lest the next day turn out to be February 3rd. Then I'd get really upset for wasting all that opportunity.