Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Epic Hubris

By now, I assume most are familiar with the volunteer who was stepped on by Paul Rand supports. H/T Cynical-C. The man who stomped on her head, Tim Profitt has now come forward regarding an apology.

He wants one from the woman whose head he stomped on.

It is her fault he stepped forward and while she was being held to the ground by two (2) other individuals, he takes the voluntary action to smash his foot on her head.

And people are already buying into this thinking…


  1. Yeah, I saw that on the Colbert Report. It's incredible. He had to used his foot, he says, because he had problems with his spine and bending down would've hurt him.

    The bastard couldn't hurt his spine, so he decided to rub the side-walk with the woman's face.

    She should milk him for every penny he owns.

    ** Lorena

  2. Whatever you think about what the woman was up to, that foot on the head was purely gratuitous. She had been quite well subdued before that.