Friday, March 05, 2010

You’re an atheist because you are ugly

Well. This is a new one on me. I’ve been accused of deconverting because I want to sin, because the devil is tricking me, because I wasn’t a Christian in the first place, etc. This is the first time (that I know) I’ve been accused of becoming an atheist because of my looks!

Detroit has joined the campaign where secular groups hire advertisements on the sides of buses. The Oakland Press wrote an article on it. Three great quotes have come from this article. (The first one was in a comment that has subsequently been removed, but luckily was quoted by another person later.):

Atheists are hilarious. They are just angry virgin nerds who are upset because their mom made them go to church when they were kids. Most atheists grow out of this silly little crusade against mommy and daddy if they are fortunate to touch a girl. But given the fact that there is no such thing as a physically attractive atheist, it is rare to find someone who will put up with one considering their awful personalities

Sorry Kinae, but it's all about sex. As soon as atheists get their v-cards punched they tend to drop the teen angst and stop spouting off about "xtians" and "logic" on the internet. Like I said though, that's pretty rare since as Darwin said, organisms tend to look for mates with desirable traits. Being fat, greasy, smelly acne riddled nerds does not qualify atheists as desirable.

40 million atheists in the USA? That sounds entirely plausible given the high levels of obesity amongst young people and teens in the USA.

Who dares argue against impenetrable logic like that?


  1. "Who dares argue against impenetrable logic like that?"

    Luke does here:

    {2.10} Atheists are ugly!
    - Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are atheists.
    - Claim: refuted

    ...and here (NSFW):

  2. I used to be a member of a Utopian Sex Cult and I had nine "wives". And I'm still an atheist.

  3. We could get all 2nd grader on their asses.

    Yea, well, i may be an atheist because i'm ugly, but, but... you're only a christian because you're retarded.

  4. damn... and I thought I was cute. yet another delusion shattered.

  5. I could make a Michigan joke here :)

    Bruce the Buckeye

    Seriously, talk about brain-dead people.

  6. Here's my favourite from the comment section:

    LeviticusIsLaw wrote on Mar 5, 2010 5:45 PM:

    " All I ever hear these Dawkins-worshipers talk about is "education", "evidence", "reason", "logic", "rationality", "truth", and other such blasphemy.

    You god-haters don't need any of these, that is why God wrote the Bible. "

    ~ Ugly Zoe ....

  7. Bruce directed me to this blog post and ... wow, thanks! you have started my weekend off right. ;)

    so, reverse logic would declare that being a christian gets you laid and 'tis a great reason to convert?

    but there I go again, thinking and doing unattractive things like that.

    please come into my heart, jebus. i just want to be pretty!

  8. Thanks! One of those quotes gave me an idea for a post: What's an atheist in the eyes of a believer?

    After a few weeks of Olympic fever I was dry out of ideas. Now I'm having all kinds of them.

  9. Wow, that's about as ignorant and childish as it gets...reading them makes one's blood boil just a bit. True ignorance, Maher is right about stupidity and these people kind of live that claim.

  10. Atheism and ugly go hand in hand

  11. This post is over two years old. It always amazes me that someone named 'Anonymous' who is 'religious' can fly by and make such a sweeping generalization. I could say that Christianity and pedophilia go hand in hand. But that would be a pretty broad generalization and extremely inaccurate.

    Humanity and ugly go hand in hand. Just like humanity and beauty go hand in hand. No matter the religious preference, or lack thereof, there are both kinds that run throughout it.

  12. Right, because Jesus refused to hold hands with ugly people.