Monday, February 08, 2010

DagoodS v The Barefoot Bum

I recently wrote a blog entry discussing oppositional positions in partisan situations. The Barefoot Bum disagreed with me in the comments, as well as his own blog entry here and an additional note on an example here.

There are many points I agree with The Barefoot Bum, some I still do not. I agree we cannot object to an oppositional approach within an adversarial or partisan system—indeed, he is quite correct that is the inherent reason the system is adversarial. It is necessary within the definition.

My point was not that we should “all just get along” and eliminate partisan politics—rather, the point was to avoid maintaining partisan acrimony, solely to maintain an adversarial position. Simply to be able to say, “We are not ‘them.’”

I have written and re-written a response numerous times, and it never quite seems to say the thoughts pounding in my head. Perhaps, in the end, I see this partisanship adopted too readily. Rather than rise above mindless disagreement, and learn why it is we object to the other side’s position, or learn why we support our own, I see too many people concede their arguments to “I disagree because the other side says it.”


  1. I hope you understand that I disagree with you with nothing but complete respect for your integrity, intelligence and good will. These are not at all simple issues, and neither you nor I, as opinionated as we might be (well, I know I'm opinionated) have a monopoly on the truth.

  2. Oh, no worries mate!

    I found myself writing, “I agree with 75% of what you said, but disagree with this 25%. I agree with 80% here, but disagree with 10% and don’t know 10%” Ending up sounding like a nit-picky whiner. It frankly was not well written, unpersuasive, and boring.