Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I’m tired of arguing over concepts in the collection of books entitled “The Bible” with people who hold it to a far greater origination than I do, yet care less about how it was formed.

I’m tired of arguments which start, “It is possible…”

I am tired of people telling me what I believe, giving me long titles I don’t want, and then defining my position (which I don’t hold) and tearing apart the definition as stupid.

I am tired of Arguments by Wikipedia.

I’m tired of “interpretation.”

I am tired of people trying to win points in a debate (as if there is some universal scoreboard) and gamely holding on to what few points they think they scored.

I’m tired of “normal” being a standard which must be complied with.

I’m tired and scared of how little concerned many of my fellow citizens are about the on-going war, the economy, the health situation, and the future of our planet because they think a magic genie will make all the bad stuff go away for good people.

I’m even tired of my study of Christianity—at what point is wrong so wrong, it couldn’t be any wronger?

I’m tired of people who pride themselves on their moral standards, and then seeing how close they can skirt to not…quite…violating the moral standards, but just dance on the line.

I’m tired of Argument by Uninformed Indignation.

I’m reinvigorated by watching others actually give a damn about people who can give them no benefit whatsoever.


  1. Sounds like my post from several weeks ago - "blogger burnout". You're right about the world, the silly thing is that we debate the same points back and forth and overlook the fact that our world is going to hell in a handbasket. Indeed the ongoing war is impoverishing our nation, the rich are too powerful and the poor are too weak, our healthcare is a joke, and our oil-driven economy is drying up with little effort being placed in what fuel(s) will replace it. And of course we're bickering over whether the world's temperatures rose or not 1 degree fahrenheit while polluters go on polluting.

    My point in my similar post was that blogging takes away that fluidity that we would otherwise have in conversation. The problem with blogging is that we spend 100% of our time bickering over the 10-15% of the issues we disagree on. It has a long way to go before it replaces the good old bar conversation. If it re-invigorates you at all, I gave $50 to the Direct Fund to the victims in Myanmar. We should be thankful we were born here and not there. Take care.

  2. Dagoods,

    I have been continually impressed with your stamina when it comes to discussing Christianity. As you know, once I "saw" I pretty much gave up the research.
    Maybe not a wise idea on my part, since I am married to a fundamentalist Christian, and both of my kids are too. Sheesh, my youngest just aced his Masters degree in Writing and Rhetoric, so I am often under full frontal assault. I've kind of depended on you as as friend and resource while I am off slaying other dragons. I cannot express how valuable you have been as a friend, confidant and reliable resource. It is your spirit of honesty and seemingly endless willingness and skill to seek out the truth that most captures my admiration. It is so evident that you want to see things as they are. You are one of the most gracious people I have ever met.

    From my point of view, which is very limited, it seems that you have exhausted the "Bible" arguments about a hundred times over. I wish and have wished that you would take your wonderful spirit and skill and focus it on other topics as well. I doubt you will ever fully escape this topic, you know to much and there are to many people who will cross your path where this will be an issue.

    I hope and look forward to some new topics, such as the war. Or another that you touched on once, the "war on drugs." Or a myriad of other topics.

    One other thing. You are one of those people who "give[s] a damn about people who can give them no benefit whatsoever." Though I question whether the latter person really exists.