Saturday, April 07, 2007

I Lost a Blog Friend this week

Luckily not the blogger themselves. Just the blog. I do not have to provide a link to it; it is already in my blog roll under “Zoe.” (I use my blog roll for sites I find interesting. So I name them as I see fit. I am trying to do better at naming them the blog name, but I’m not perfect.)

When I first met Zoe, I was a fresh deconvert, literally wet behind the ears. She was far ahead of me in the process. So I read her story. She started at a different point than I did, went about it a different way, and ended at a different point than I.

Sounds like we should relate quite a bit. Not! Yet through it, I have always felt that she did a better job of describing the humanity of it. To give an inadequate comparison, it was like I was describing a paint-by-numbers by explaining how “2” really meant “Azure Blue” and who drew outside the lines, whereas she described the reality of discovering it was a picture of a garden.

She often summed up in a few words what it seems to take paragraphs for me to say.

And so her blog will be missed. I was not alone in enjoying what she wrote, and was often surprised at the various people that commented on entries that she posted.

The world of blogsphere is truly “publish or perish.” If we don’t regularly post soon the blog fades into oblivion. Only to be seen by some person who happens to click on “Next Blog” and then quickly dismissed when the last entry is more than six months old. “A Complicated Salvation” deserves more than that—because it was a full, rich story.

I am glad for Zoe, and hope she picks up the torch elsewhere.

Zoe’s blog provided a wonderful insight. Its passing should get more from me than just a comment.


  1. Thank you for this my friend.

  2. Zoe will be back (I hope!)

    Zoe, you'll be missed again. See you on Xn or feel free to comment on my Seekism blog which I relaunched on Wordpress (thanks to you). I'm currently posting mainly the old stuff but may mingle in a few new ones here and there.

    God bless,