Friday, January 14, 2011

Thought for the Day

It never entered my thought process that my 200 word witness would be successful against the educated skeptic. I wrote it for the average man or woman one might encounter at an airport or a soccer game. [emphasis added]
From Dr. Clay Jones – Asst. Professor of Christian Apologetics for BIOLA University

Just let that sink in.

H/T Vinny


  1. Exactly! At least he was honest.

    Wow. *sigh*

  2. Yeah, it sank in as soon as I saw it. In other words, it is a good argument to use against the unwary dullard waiting for a ride at the airport or the athletic buffoon in a park playing soccer. It is admission that they will never win over somebody who has educated themselves and done their homework, so I guess they have to convince people with apologetic trickery before get a chance to.


  3. HeIsSailing,

    I play soccer! While I appreciate the “athletic”...…the “buffoon” hurt a bit. *grin*

  4. *gulp* I knew I was going to pay for that as soon as I clicked 'post comment' For what it is worth, I frequently hang out at airports.

  5. Well, it sure took a while to come up with even that lame excuse!

  6. It took me awhile to figure out where I posted that comment. I couldn't figure out why it didn't show up on the "with enemies like this post."

  7. OMG! Let me paraphrase that:

    I wrote that for uneducated people that would take me at my word, not for educated skeptics that would seriously think about it to find its flaws.

  8. "It never entered my thought process..."


    Which is key to why Jones is a "Christian apologist" instead of a critical thinker. Once one allows for " the educated" to enter the "thought process," the fabric begins to unravel.

    Jones wrote his "200 word witness" for people like himself, once again confirming that apologists are about preaching to the choir, not looking for what is.

  9. What I find so frustrating about Jones' comment is that I'm always thinking about the possibility that someone who really knows their stuff is going to respond to one of my comments or posts. There is nothing I hate more than being caught expressing a degree of certainty about some issue that I am not prepared to defend.