Sunday, January 16, 2011

Conversations with a Christian

Recently Cory Tucholski of Josiah Concept Ministries endeavored to write a blog series, responding to questions on my blog entry Questions Christians Hope No One will Ask. Cory Tucholski (from what I have seen so far) is one of those extremely rare individuals who can converse with courtesy, admit the skeptic was right (even when he thought I wouldn’t be) and have an amicable discussion while disagreeing.

The best part? These conversations are just starting. Not some blog entry where 112 comments have already been posted. You can join right in! So here are the links (I will update as necessary.)

Question One on Methodology, focusing on Canonicity and Inspiration
Question Two – Source to support one’s claim
Question Three – Why do Churches have locks?
Question Four – How does one find God, focusing on Prayer
Question Five – When did Exodus occur?
Question Six – if God lied, how would you know?
Question Seven – Why did God save Virgins and Gold during genocides?
Question Ten – How does one determine God’s characteristics without verification, focusing on Justice and Mercy.
Question Nine – God being Just and Merciful

(Note, he understandably skipped two questions to do research.)

Feel free to join in, or lurk along to watch the discussion.


  1. I looked at one - the "when did the Exodus occur" - the better question is, "since there is no evidence that the Exodus occurred, why should we even treat the 'when' part as a serious question?" Biblical scholars and archaeologists keep chipping away at the mythological origin stories in the Bible, but he takes the "fact" (one I question, but lack real data on) that most people think it happened as evidence (logical fallacy). I may have been wrong, but it did sound like he did not like The Exodus Decoded (even if I think he was completely off-base about Cameron/Jacobovici's purpose in falling for the Jesus Tomb fraud) - see here ( for a good debunking of Simcha's distortions and lies.

  2. I read the first installment (i.e., "...What method...," because that's the question that I couldn't answer when I was a Christian. I tired of choosing straws, and couldn't always apply the method.

    My favorite part of the site was the ad for "Not of this World" Christian clothing. Maybe the answer of method is buried subliminally in that ad? Apparently this sponsor has found the link to the 'other world'... at least when it comes to clothing design.

  3. Paul says:
    "My favorite part of the site was the ad for "Not of this World" Christian clothing."

    ME TOO!! I spent more time marvelling at the hip Christian themed T-shirts and the NOTW logo than I did at the Josiah Concept Ministries website. I don't know what it was - something really hypnotic about those clothes though. :-D

  4. HeIsSailing,

    {laughing] The irony is way to funny.

    I looked and looked, but couldn't find any camel skins.