Wednesday, February 13, 2013

True Christian Test

Stumbled upon another, “Why is the church losing the young people?” article and came across this comment:

Church is boring to the average adult too. It’s not supposed to be exciting or entertaining; it’s supposed to teach and preach the gospel, so that it can then be shared with the world. If that simple mission doesn’t motivate(excite) someone, then that person’s salvation is suspect. The church is not supposed to motivate; the Holy Spirit does that when He truly indwells.

I like this for a “True Christian” test. Simple, effective and easily implemented. Have you ever found Church boring? If so, you are not a true Christian.

I wonder if there would be any true Christians left?


  1. I wonder if Jesus ever got bored in church? :-)

  2. This sounds so much like the kind of thing I used to say when I was trying to cinvince myself I was "on fire."

  3. Yes, so simple. Motivation (excitement) comes from the mission to share the gospel with the world. No, wait… it comes from an indwelling of the holy spirit.

  4. I wish someone would have put it to me so plainly 20 years ago. Might have saved me a lot of time.

  5. DagoodS,

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    I just wanted to say that I like your continued battle with Bill Pratt. Since I am banned from his site, I am relegated to just viewing.

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    Tom Rafferty

  6. This doesn't make any sense as a test, but it does make a good point. Do (most) people get bored in church? Hell yes. Is that a reliable test of their faith? I'm not so sure. Do you ever get bored or unmotivated as a father? Does that make you not a true father?

    I am intrigued by this. Does a "True Christian" have to be motivated all the time, or at minimum at all times related to church or religious experiences? Can someone who calls themself a Christian have doubts or get bored in church and still be considered a Christian? If so then at what point do they not qualify as one?

  7. Hey now! Christians still sin, and that includes getting bored in church sometimes. But does the gospel usually excite you? Do you usually love church and fellowship with God's people? Do you want to be more like Jesus? Do you want to share the gospel with the world? Are these things growing in your life? This is how we test ourselves to see if our faith in Christ is genuine--not "have you EVER gotten bored in church?" Confess it, repent, ask Jesus to change you, and move on.