Friday, March 18, 2011

Pastor reveals another Pastor’s rape

We often hear (and some deconverts actively been involved) in church “cover-ups.” Where an incident occurs, and it all disappears in a hush-hush manner. Some member is no longer a Sunday School teach and stops attending.

Recently, a a pastor in Georgia—Shaun King learned another pastor—“Bishop” Alvarado was molesting boys. And he tweeted it.

Now Christians are taking sides—some supporting King’s actions. Others making death threats.

No need for analysis; the situation speaks for itself.


  1. Intense.

    I dislike that he seems to conflate pedophilia with homosexuality in the "Was Bishop Alvarado Gay?" section. Or if he isn't, what the hell does that section have to do with anything?

  2. Preserve the "testimony" of the Church at all costs, is common, every day practice is many Christian circles. I could write a whole book on stuff that was shoved under the rug during my time in the ministry.

    I tended to be the opposite. I believed everyone should know everything and I often aired stuff in Church business meetings that should have been kept private.


  3. What's interesting about this is that you can always find Christians who support the molester.

    Also, if the holy spirit leads people to all truth, how come he is telling different "truths" to different people?

  4. Shaun's recounting of the hierarchy at the church reminded me of the gang mentality. The leader has an entourage at all times to do his bidding and nobody in the gang really knows what the leader is doing. He gives orders, the members all trust and follow, and he has no accountability to them. Or maybe it's the "Christian Mafia".