Friday, January 08, 2010

No Angst

I’ve thought of blogs…

I ought to answer a question:
“Where do morals originate?”
Yet all the eloquence aside,
It boils down to “Emotions inside.”

I’ve been listening to iTunes U,
A class on Modern Rhetoric,
It talks of how authors write,
It breaks me free from black and white.

I’m commenting on other blogs
Like The Pugnacious Irishman,
I write and spew and demonstrate,
But little in-road is ever made.

Who cares, really, about some verse?
I find more interest in family,
Rather than bitch about Sarah Palin,
Or disciples die for lie (yet again.)

I started another blog
To continue a conversation
And found--an oft-told report--
A Christian uninterested in retort.

To blog…just to blog… feels shallow.

I am beginning to see, with the Walrus, how the time has come to talk of shoes and ships and sealing wax…of cabbages and kings.


  1. I know how you feel. We're all just snowflakes in an avalanche.

  2. Snowflakes in an avalanche-I like that analogy.

    My daughter came home at Christmas and said God was my hobby.

    I may need to get more hobbies soon too.

  3. Are you saying, like the writer of the Song of Songs, that blogging is just vanity and that nothing ever changes under the sun?

    Am I reading apathy and fatigue on your verses?

    Tire not, you wanderer. Thy smart insights are in high demand in the sea of meaningless Internet opinions.

    ** Lorena **

  4. Well don't feel like you need to always be writing about Christian related stuff. Your thoughts on other subjects are also worth reading. My major interests do sometimes shift, so I just blog about what's on my mind at the time even if it doesn't fit themes that a reader might expect based on past subjects. But that's fine. For me my blog is almost a way to just preserve my own thinking at the time. Also create a source of references for easy access for my own benefit.

    Also I might get critical feedback on my current thinking, which I like to get.

    Write about what interests you. Readers more interested in your prior topics may be disappointed (maybe I would be). But your blog is primarily for you.

    But then fewer people read my blog, so maybe that makes more sense for me than for you.